The personal data of citizens and their vehicles, contrary to the law, have been transferred to online servers outside Kosovo by insurance companies, at the request of the Kosovo Bureau, which has entered into an agreement with a private company for the policy system. Various citizens, although they have complained according to the procedures provided by law, have not received a response.

The personal information of hundreds of thousands of people who have registered and secured vehicles in Kosovo or even those who will do the same action in the future, have been transferred to online servers of foreign companies, an action that is not only illegal but also dangerous for personal and national security of our country.

This action happened after the Kosovo Security Bureau instructed the insurance companies to provide all the information to the client citizens, a private company, which instead of building and maintaining servers in the country, chose to transfer the data abroad .

Such transfer of personal information outside Kosovo has alarmed many citizens, who have complained about lack of transparency and lack of information about personal information, an action that is against the law.

The citizen with the initials AG, whose complaint is also shared by Rtklive, complained to the insurance company where she received the insurance policy, to the Central Bank of Kosovo and the Agency for Personal Data Protection.

“I did not receive any response from the insurance company, although it sent the complaint several times where I asked for information. The Central Bank did not reply to me, although I filed the complaint on December 10th. Only from the Agency have I received a promise that my case will be considered. “I am concerned about the possibility of misuse of personal data”, said for Rtklive AG, whose complaints are at the disposal of the editorial office.

“The Agency for Information and Privacy has received a request dated. 10.12.2021, in which you expressed concern about the possibility of misuse of personal data by the insurance company (name known to the editorial office, where you asked the Agency to conduct inspections and controls to verify if you have been violated your personal data, as well as whether the insurance company has transferred this data to another state.

The agency in its work plan has foreseen the ex officio inspections in the insurance companies, where in this case it will treat the issue of suspicion that you have raised in this request “, it is said in the response sent by this agency for the citizen AG

Further, it states that based on Law no. 06 / L-082 on Personal Data Protection (hereinafter LPDV) in article 12, the controller at the moment when receiving personal data is obliged to provide the information specified in this article, in which article is including the purpose of data processing and, as the case may be, the fact that the controller intends to transfer personal data to a country “, it is further stated in the response of the Agency.

“I also asked for these based on the laws in force”, AG tells Rtklive.

In addition to AG Rtklive has the complaints of many other citizens.

In fact, the transfer of personal data of Kosovo citizens to the servers of Microsoft Azuro, by the Bureau and the insurance companies, seems to be an unauthorized operation as none of the institutions asked were able to provide any document that a thing this is done with the authorization of the Agency and according to the laws in force.

Article 44 of the same law specifies that the transfer of personal data must be done according to the rules in force, which requires the consent of the previous persons from whom the data were taken.

“Our suspicions about the transfer of personal data outside Kosovo is even more evident now that I have complained to all institutions and none of them is giving an answer”, says the citizen with the initials BG

Rtklive has been sending questions to the Privatization Information Agency, Central Bank of Kosovo, for several days, but has not yet received answers, which will be published when the editorial office receives them.


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