Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Hysen Durmishi said that Ramush Haradinaj and Pal Lekaj should go to prison for what they have done in the ministry.

He has discovered a case where the contract provided for 500,000 euros was signed for a value of 5.3 million euros.

“Based on what I saw in the ministry where I am, the documentation I found there, which I deposited a large part in the special prosecutor’s office, there is no need to be a lawyer to see what crime and corruption there is happened in the Ministry of Infrastructure from the previous governments “, said Durmishi.

“It is a tender dossier that has been for the rehabilitation of waters in Kosovo. The estimated value of that tender was 500,000 euros and in the end that contract ended with 5,300,000 euros “, added the deputy. ministers.

“After they signed the contract, they intervened in the terms of the contract that normally do not dare to touch there and have raised the value over 4 million”, said among others Durmishi.