Businesses that have entered the free energy market and are supplied by the Last Chance Supplier are facing extremely high prices for energy security. For the month of November, this price reached 38.73 lek / kwh, several times higher than the first months of 2021.

More specifically, until June, the price of energy for this category averaged 10.5 ALL / kwh, which means that in November it was almost 4 times higher.

According to data from the Energy Regulatory Authority, the upward trend in prices has started since July, to reach the record in November of the year we just left behind.

This increase is due to the high price at which energy is purchased in the unregulated market, as it is one of the constituent elements of the formula by which the sale price of electricity supplied by the Last Chance Supplier is calculated.

This price affects businesses connected to the 35 KV voltage, which continue to be supplied by the Universal Service Provider.

Meanwhile, this situation would also affect businesses connected to the 20 KV voltage, which from January 1, 2022 should enter the liberalized market, writes scan.

But, precisely because of the situation with high prices, in the last days of the month the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy announced an extension of this obligation by another 6 months, although the process has been delayed for years.

Meanwhile, for December 2021, a slight decrease of this price is predicted, since the energy in the unregulated market has been bought a little cheaper than the previous months.