by Idriz Morina

One of the clues as to why the Albanian tragedy “Kumanova” happened is that if any of the politicians in Kosovo wanted to sacrifice some of the suspects for crimes, so that many of them would remain mysterious.

In addition to the patriotic purpose of many of those who took part in the events in Kumanovo, some of them were sent to betrayal, realizing personal goals.

Since the event in Kumanovo in 2015, we have conceived that it happened for several reasons.

In fact, different motives have united, some personalities and senior state leaders, in that project that proved fatal for at least 10 Kosovo Albanians and that dozens of others continue to be held in the infamous Idrizovo prison in Macedonia.

Track 1. Gruevski-Mijallkov-Ahmeti plot

In some cases, articles, I have listed the motives of some politicians in Kosovo and Macedonia for the events in Kumanovo.

One of the key figures to be investigated as to why he took part in the plot is former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. He was exactly informed, because as the subsequent information showed, in this case the Macedonian Intelligence Service also conspired.

So, if they had had a positive intention, and had not been conspirators, former Prime Minister Gruevski and former Chief of Intelligence, Sasho Mijalkov, would have neutralized the efforts of the Albanian group from the beginning or much more easily.

Gruevski was involved in co-operation with Russia, so he needed a ‘patriotic act’ to cover up his activities in favor of Russia, presenting himself and his government as irreplaceable, as the guardian of the Slavo-Macedonian state in all circumstances. .

He was being seriously endangered by the opposition, which had begun uncovering wiretaps of key state officials, which could also reveal Russia’s involvement.

Since then, there has been a wealth of information confirming the involvement of the Macedonian Intelligence Service, up to the payments made on behalf of those who instigated or led the group of Albanian fighters.

While, Ali Ahmeti, because some of his friends in Kosovo, were willing to sacrifice part of the group, seemed to be an interlocutor for the parties. Shortly before the events there, he held several official meetings in Kosovo, including Ramush Haradinaj from the opposition.

Other sources said that he had warned them about the group’s efforts, even asking them to prevent it. How true this is remains to be investigated, perhaps by an international investigation.

Ahmeti was even accused of betrayal mostly by the survivors of the ‘Kumanova group’, because they believed that they betrayed him the most, as they had hoped that he would intervene in the most dangerous moments, as the VMRO-DUI coalition was in power. .

If the case had not been staged by the Slavo-Macedonian state, in the case of Gushinca, which occurred just a few days before the armed clash in Kumanovo, the state would have intervened. But that point was left to them, so that they would believe that Macedonia really had no chance to resist them.

Allegations of state conspiracy

According to the then leader of the opposition Zoran Zaev, talking about the case of Gushinca had declared that it was a state conspiracy. “We have strong indications that the case was rigged by the government,” Zaev told the media in April 2015.

Whereas, precisely because of the case of Gushinca, Ali Ahmeti had made the visit in question in Kosovo. After the meeting with Fatmir Limaj, he said that the attack was not carried out against Albanians, but only against a police station.

A reaction of his, which implicates him in the events, because he in this way encouraged the group, to continue with actions in Albanian settlements, and that such acts seem patriotic.

It is interesting that Gruevski’s government was accused of giving 2 million euros to destabilize the country itself, as it was on the verge of shocks, as the Zaev-led opposition was publishing the wiretaps.

Stojanco Angelov, assessing the case of Gushinca as one of the former commanders-in-chief of the Macedonian special police forces in the 2001 conflict with the Albanians, had accused the government of “allocating two million euros to stage such events in order to destabilize of the country ”.

So, both the information and the preliminary analysis proved and prove that the events in Gushincë-Kumanovo were staged by the Slavo-Macedonian state!

In Kumanovo, a group of Albanians were mercilessly shot by numerous police and military forces.

In fact more than by surprise, they were betrayed because according to their information they were on a safe route and were waiting for the new order.

Track 2, Haradinaj – Thaçi

At least two of the victims of the Kumanovo group, Begë Rizaj and Xhafer Zymberaj, had been close and involved in Ramush Haradinaj’s organizations.

Zyberaj, even recently (before the events in Kumanovo), had managed to be part of the AAK election race for the Assembly of the Republic, being a candidate for MP.

Zyberaj was initially charged in the 2004 killing of police officers, one by UNMIK and the other by a Kosovo Albanian.

Along with Zyberaj, Shkumbin Mehmeti, Nazim Kadriu, Arben Ahmeti, Arsim Rashiti, Jeton Sylejmani, Osman Kelmendi, Florim Ejupi, Xhavit Kosumi, Faik Shaqiri, Nezir Kelmendi, Irfan Ademi and Bajram Kiqmari were arrested and charged.

He and several others were acquitted by the Kosovo Supreme Court. But, why he was sent there to fight, still remains enigmatic, since he was the AAK candidate for MP, he does not seem to have broken relations with Ramush Haradinaj, or maybe they had parted ways.

“Black Eagles”

The other figure, Begë Rizaj, was known as very problematic, powerful, and was even one of them, who was not afraid at all, neither Ramush Haradinaj nor any other group. But he had been a soldier of Ramush Haradinaj, in the infamous unit, “Black Eagles”.

Rizaj had broken off relations with Ramush Haradinaj so much that he could be so aggressive with him that he could clash everywhere.

These reports of his were more ‘normalized’ at the time of organizing the entry into Macedonia.

According to an information, it is thought that Begë Rizaj, and some others may have had a lamb dinner in Gllogjan with Ramush, just a short time before the action!

Rizaj, in addition to being powerful, was also fierce and aggressive, so much so that wherever he was, he could enter into conflict or beat and attack anyone, of course together with the threat of weapons. There were dangerous people in his group, and the most inseparable was Mirsad Ndrecaj.

Elimination of witnesses

Probably, for Ndrecaj there are no suspicions of any murder, but for Begë Rizaj, there are suspicions that after the war he may have been involved in actions of murders, but not of the first victims. He is suspected of having participated in the elimination of witnesses.

So in this context it seems that people suspected of serious crimes, were trying to bring peace to justice, blaming those who have died.

Today, the list of those killed, of those who took part in the murder may be equal to or even greater than the number of victims themselves, of political violence and other aggravated murders without political motives.

Thus, this information gives sufficient indications that a motive for the betrayal, committed in Kumanovo, was also the ‘disappearance of evidence’, of people who could testify about the crimes committed.

In the “Kumanova” case, 31 members of the group were imprisoned, and the Skopje Criminal Court sentenced 33 members of the Kumanovo group to 746 years in prison. Seven people were sentenced to life imprisonment, 13 were sentenced to 40 years in prison, 6 to 20 years each, one of the accused was sentenced to 18 years, two to 14 years and two others to 13 years each.

Thus, on May 9, 2015, most or with the exception of a very small group were assassinated, and subjected to Macedonian terror in betrayal, despite the fact that thanks to the special combat training of some of them, they managed to kill 8 people from the Slavo-Macedonian forces. but among them there were also Albanians.


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