Just when you think  KEDS could not get worse it is proven wrong.

Everyone can cope with two hour power cuts, if they know when they would be, but having no power for the fridge, hot water and elevator, since 16.30pm yesterday without any warning it was going to happen and no idea when the power will be restored is just too much.

Questions need to be asked:

  • Is it true that the airport has never paid for their electricity since it was taken over by Limak?
  • Why does the KEDS website give false information on power cuts?
  • Why do KEDS need personal information to download an app to find out when the powehyr cuts are?
  • Why do KEDS not answer phone calls?
  • Are KEDS going to pay for all the food that is rotting in the fridge?

It has now been proven that this Turkish company is not fit to run Kosovo’s electricity. They are more interested in the billions they have made, instead of customer service.

It is not good enough that people are now imprisoned in their homes, with no food, or heating, that are living on the top floors of apartments with the elevator out of action. 19 hours with the power out and no idea when it will come back on.

If you go out when there is power, you have no idea that when you get home you may not be able to get in.

This is not good enough. KEDS should be stripped of running the electricity. Since they first got the contract, it was obvious they had no idea about electricity at all.

Within a month of them taking over, there was the same problem, power cuts which they said would last for 3 weeks because they didn’t have any cable and had to import it. Not only that they didn’t even have the machinery to fix the cable and said it would take 3 weeks to import it from Germany.

Once again we are in the same position, even though you would expect they have the machinery by now.

This is not good enough not knowing and no way to find out when the power will be restored so we can go out and buy food.