Residence in some parts of Prishtina face their third day with no heating or hot water as temperatures dropped to -11c last night.

After their two hour power cut KEDS only returned the electricity to power limited light and two power points, residents of BP Home 2 in Tophane, have told us. Elderly residents on the higher floors are unable to leave their homes, as the elevator has not been working since the power cut.

Several people have told us they have tried to call KEDS but nobody answers the phone. This Turkish company refuses to tell the residence how long they have to wait before power is returned.

The residents tell us they have no hot water to shower or wash dishes as dishwashers are not working either. With three days of the refrigerators being turned off, they are having to put food out on the balcony.

We were told power cuts would last two hours at a time, one resident said, but now it has been three days with no answers. We are prisoners in our homes one resident said.

KEDS refuses to answer any of these questions.