by Idriz Morina

Kosovo institutions seemed to be fighting well a level of organized crime and corruption, expressed by investigations and few arrests in the north, in the case of “Brezovica”, the continuation of investigations and arrests in the case of “subsidies”, initiated by the previous government gave hope for the beginning of the rule of law.

Two investigations and arrests showed the widespread involvement of former state leaders in organised crime, investigations in the north and the Brezovica case.

As a raid

There are still no reports of any former senior state officials being interviewed by the prosecution.

There are no arrests even after the investigations in the north and the US blacklist, where he put Zvonko Veselinovic and Milan Radojcic at the top, as leaders of an international Serbian criminal group, which also testified about the ties of our rulers with this network.

This was the most shocking situation, when you see that with such compromised people, exponents of Serbia and international crime, the prime minister, ministers and others have cooperated.

According to the American investigation, the Serbian international criminal group had the potential to destabilize the state, democracy, but also the region?

Serbian criminal groups, such as that of Zvonko Veselinovic, have no chance of not being controlled by the Serbian state, except that there are hundreds of reports in Serbia that he and Radojcic are friends, and even defended by order of Serbian President Vucuk.

“Veselinovic’s International Criminal Group (OCG) is engaged in a large-scale bribery scheme with Kosovo and Serbian security officials, who facilitate the illegal trafficking of goods, money, narcotics and weapons between Kosovo and Serbia. . “The group has also conspired with various politicians in several quid pro quo agreements …”, it is said in the American document.

So, according to American reports, the names of others that the state of Kosovo should arrest are known: “large-scale bribery with Kosovo security officials”. But we do not yet have any security officers arrested, and we do not know if they are intelligence or police officers. This should have been shown by the investigations and arrests already.

Therefore, it is urgent to change the structures in the investigation, the police-prosecutor and the court.

Even Transparency International’s corruption perception index, despite improving for 17 countries, according to the leaders of this organization, the merits belong to the successful holding of elections, and not a fierce or successful fight against organized crime and corruption.

This I believe is related to the failure to arrest the responsible leaders of crime and corruption, at the highest levels.

Yet no former minister, no former MP or deputy, much less a former prime minister has been arrested nor are there any signs of their investigation!

Who to worry about

US Ambassador Hovenier presents in Kosovo, like other young US ambassadors, the new policy of the US Presidency administration, expressed in President Biden’s Executive Order, announced last summer.

According to various warnings, and based on analysis, the US blacklist for Kosovo is expected to include politicians and former politicians.

Ambassador Hovenier has clarified that US sanctions are imposed in cases where someone is assessed whether they are destabilising a political system, or whether they are involved in transnational organised crime.

He made it clear that anyone “involved in transnational organized crime” should be concerned about facing specific sanctions. “Anyone who challenges a constitutional order of a country we know and work with should also be concerned.” But people who express political views should not worry.

The ambassador clarified that sanctions are imposed not only on current politicians, but also on those who have been in politics.

“Well, the question of whether or not someone was a politician is irrelevant as to whether sanctions can be applied to them. “Anyone who has been involved in transnational organized crime at such a level that meets our threshold for imposing sanctions should be concerned,” said Ambassador Hovenier in an interview with the public broadcaster.

In both cases, it is clear that he emphasized the phrase “he should be concerned”.

We are nevertheless curious to know who are the ones to worry about, but we still do not have an answer, for which only the US State Department is competent.

President Biden’s Executive Order goes further than what Ambassador Hovenier has said. So, the list will include peace miners, those who are involved in serious human rights violations, but also those who are directly and indirectly involved in corruption.

Thus, the expectation is that at least one former prime minister, if not two, will be blacklisted in Kosovo.

Biden Executive Order

According to President Biden’s Executive Order, expectations are more than normal that the Serbian authorities will be blacklisted, which has consistently undermined the achievement of an international agreement, and “undermines any regional security, peace”, “recognition agreements”. mutual”

“That is why I have decided that it is necessary to block the property and property interests of all persons … who undermine democratic processes or institutions, undermine any regional security, peace, cooperation or agreements of mutual recognition or legal framework or accountability mechanism, involved in serious human rights violations or directly or indirectly involved in acts of corruption in the Western Balkans. “All departments and executive agencies are encouraged to take all appropriate measures within their authority to execute the provisions of this order ,” Biden said.

Therefore, the black list both in Kosovo and abroad is expected to be long, and very important.

“To be responsible or collaborating or to be directly or indirectly involved in corruption in the Western Balkans, including corruption by, on behalf of, or affiliated with a government in the Western Balkans, or a current or former government official at any level of government in the Western Balkans, such as misuse of public property, expropriation of private property for personal gain or political purposes or bribery, ”reads the order signed by Biden.

Someone in Kosovo, in institutions, is disregarding the Executive Order of President Biden!

His order does not only mean taking measures from the US!


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