Commenting on the current political events in the country, the expert on political issues, Idriz Zeqiraj, in a statement for ‘Bota sot’, also recalled the period of Kosovo’s declaration of independence, saying that the confirmation of this independence by the International Court of Justice, as if was sufficient for the sovereignty of Kosovo, in its existing borders. Unfortunately for Kosovo and its people, President Rugova had physically died. The fight for party power within the LDK flared up. Well-educated men with a solid political experience, even though they entered the race for the head of the LDK, they could not afford to lose. Even the winning side did not manage the victory well and did nothing to avoid the announced split of the party. Consequently, the guilt was twofold.

“Serbia carefully monitored the political trends in the country. The PAN party-bands and Serbia rejoiced at Rugova’s death. The International Court of The Hague revealed the actual crimes of several commanders, mainly, the murder of Ibrahim Rugova’s FARK soldiers; of LDK activists; of courageous and integrity journalists; of the early activists of the LPK, all Albanians, strongly committed to the freedom of Kosovo, part of the liberation war. The murders were political, with ultra-low motives: “Taking power with violence and blood, just like the Albanian master criminal Enver Hoxha took it, after the Second World War” , he estimates.

Further, Zeqiraj says that from Serbo-Slavic sources, Carla del Ponte and DickMarty obtained facts and evidence about war crimes from some Albanian-speaking criminal commanders and published books. The Swiss senator, DickMarty, drafted a resolution, full of crimes, among others, for transplanting and selling organs. And the Council of Europe approved it. As a result, the establishment of the Special Court was requested, which was also ratified by the Assembly of Kosovo. Serbia took advantage of the opportunity and went on the attack, to balance the crimes of the Albanian victims with those of the murderous Serbian soldier. At the same time, he increased the market with absurd demands, with goals and claims of ownership in power, within Kosovo and territorial expansions.

Idriz Zeqiraj

“Although he possessed the criminal files of the ruling commanders of Kosovo, he blackmailed and threatened to open them, imposing the political dialogue, camouflaged with the technical one. In order to save the all-powerful Hashim Thaçi from justice, a whole kennel of serviles and sycophants was engaged, not only from his left-wing strain, but also from the right-wing LDK. The betrayal started with the murder of dozens and the deportation of 12 thousand Albanians, under the nose of the French KFOR and their agent Hashim Thaçi, who dampened any opposition, with the false and criminal promise that “I will return you to your homes soon!” And, not only was their return not made, on the contrary, the silent migration of thousands of other Albanians from the north of Mitrovica continued. It was Thaçi’s associate, Bardhyl Mahmuti,, says Zeqiraj.

He listed these faults as follows:

1) She silenced the crimes of the commanders for political murders, tribute, favouring them for all kinds of usurpation and extortion from Kosovo’s tired budget. The arrests of the criminal commanders, by UNMIK, were basic and factual. But their release and innocence was fictitious, false. To put it plainly: the administration of the EU, namely, UNMIK, with its Kouchners, surrendered to their commanders and criminal gangs, who continued to kill even after the war, including potential witnesses and members of the gangs themselves. them, to bill them for murderous crimes, after their execution. The bodyguards of the commanders, who knew a lot about the crimes of their bosses, were also their targets.

2) The EU pampered Serbia, with a proverbial tolerance, for its disrespectful actions towards the declared independent Kosovo, but also towards the EU itself. The readiness for concessions towards Serbia and the blackmailed ruling commanders was a bargain even with the readiness of the EU! And, surprisingly, even though the betrayal of the commanders, in exchange for personal freedom, was stopped with their arrest, the EU insists on the implementation of those fatal agreements for Kosovo, made in conspiracy and secrecy of the people, state structures and party!

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