Salih Mustafa was a freedom fighter. He and his friends in the KLA were engaged to defend the Albanian nation that Serbia wanted to eradicate from Kosovo, during the years of occupation.
Salih Mustafa’s sentence by the Special Court to 26 years in prison is unacceptable for us. Hopefully, on the scale of Appeal ex-warrior Salih Mustafa will be cleared of charges, which do not seem to have evidence and evidence of his direct responsibilities.
Lëvizja VETËVENDOSJE! and opposition entities were at that time the only political entities that did not vote for the establishment of the Special Court. We believe that Kosovo does not need special solutions of experiments, but normal institutions like any other country. Our justice too should derive from the functioning of normal courts and not by establishing special courts.
Over 12 thousand Albanians have been killed by Serbs armed as army, police and paramilitary. Over 20 thousand are victims of sexual violence used as a tool of war by Serbs. 1653 people are still missing, while mass cemeteries with Albanian troops have been discovered in Serbia throughout the post-war years. Over 200 thousand houses, apartments, premises, factories of Albanians have been burned and destroyed by Serbs until the liberation on June 12, 1999.
The term “ethnic cleansing” itself was created in Serbia, as a kind of formula to avoid genocide. Yet only 26 Serbs have been convicted of war crimes. Milosevic was not sentenced by international justice. In the trial of Stanishic, the head of the Serbian secret service who founded the paramilitary and was directly involved in the genocide, had political influence so that he would not be severely punished.
Today Serbia is engaged in destabilising Kosovo, sponsoring criminals who set up barricades and let Kosovo Serbian citizens die from lack of treatment themselves. She continues to threaten war every day mentioning the return of military troops to Kosovo while also trying to destabilise Bosnia and Montenegro.
That is why it hurts us and we see unacceptable the punishment being made to Albanians like Salih Mustafa, who then and now are always in protective positions in the face of aggression.
The equalisation of the aggressor with the defender, the relativisation of the right to liberation and resistance, are things we will never accept. We will always protect our homeland, by anyone and by any means. Lëvizja VETËVENDOSJE! ! stands in solidarity with liberators, their families, and all our freedom loving people.
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