Hashim Thaci

Hashim Thaci

On 12th December 2010 Kosova held its first election since the country  declared independence. Strategies were put in place for a fair and clean election. On the lead up to the election there were reports of some of the parties having members who were wanted for war crimes.

There was not a bad word written against Hashim Thaci in the weeks prior to the election, which he eventually won.

Thaci was in charge of the coalition government that declared Kosovo independent from Serbia in 2008. Since then, Kosova has struggled to establish itself as an independent country.

Serbia and Kosova’s minority Serbs were vehemently against independence – and they have the support of Russia and China. Soon after the independence declaration, Serbia’s Prime Minister at the time, Vojislav Kostunica, damned Kosovo as a “false state”.

There has been talk of partition, in the north of Kosova, where there is a large population of Serbs live.

In confidential cables published by the WikiLeaks website, U.S. Ambassador to Kosova Christopher Dell warned partition would “reopen the Pandora’s Box of ethnic conflict that defined the 1990s.”

On the 11th December 2010 the BBC had this to say on their website about Thaci: Prior to election On the BBC News there was no mention of the election at all. When the results came through, there was still no mention on the TV. Not until two days after the results, when the BBC News showed a damning report on Thaci, with no mention that there had even been an election, or that he had one it; just a long news report of Hashim Thaci’s life and telling how bad he was. This report made it into the Guardian Newspaper the next day and then around the world. Who was behind this complete turn around by the BBC? Who is spreading this propaganda against Kosovo?  Who has probably collected slanderous documentation on the leaders of all the parties in the election and waiting to see who had won before publishing his lies. One man who is intent on de-stablising Kosova and could also be called a war monger. Who would gain from all his dirty work? Who is paying him?  I leave it to you to decide, but lets not forget what the Serbs did in the war which this man appears to  condone.