American Defense League (ADL) on Trepca Mine

Plunder In Kosovo: By Bedjet Pacoli Friend of George Soros

NOVEMBER 19, 2011

The Pristina government in Kosovo has been taken over by the Monster of Kosovo Hashim Thaci and recognized by eighty countries even though Kosovo is part of Serbia and the obviously corrupted International Community has gone against their own laws to recognize this illegal drug-driven Muslim Albanian-seized criminal government in Kosovo.

Now Bedjet Pacoli, who is a good friend of George Soros, is seeking to plunder the mines in Kosovo without being curtailed by anyone because in Kosovo anything goes, including the kidnapping of young Serbs off the Kosovo streets and sending them to that “yellow house” in the Albanian mountains to harvest their organs for sale on the European Black Market.  A crime of immense proportions that is being conveniently ignored by the corrupt E.U. and the Kangaroo court at the Hague who are only too swift to cherry pick those they choose to prosecute.

BEOGRAD – Pacoli bi da proda „Trepču“!

Bedjet Pacoli, Kosovo businessman and first deputy prime minister of Kosovo, even though the mine is not his, is now attempting to sell it on the London Stock Exchange to the Prince of Kent.

According to UNMIK, the Trepca Kosovo Mine is 66 percent owned by the Serbian Development Fund, 27 percent is publicly owned, 2.5 percent is owned by Jugbanka. 2.5 percent by the Belgrade Bank, and 2 percent by the EPS.

Apparently the mine is being looted of  it’s mineral resources with impunity.  In November Courier said that 200,000 tons of nickel per month is being taken.

Goran Bogdanovic, Minister for Kosovo and Mehohija, said that Serbia will never give up the Trepca Kosovo mine and they will fight for their rights in International Courts.  Marko Jaksic, Vice President of the Association of Municipalities in Kosovo said the mine is on a part of Kosovo that is Serb-controlled.

This only goes to show that the illegally seized Muslim Albanian drug-driven government in Pristina, Kosovo is getting away with their criminal behavior of  doing whatever they want in Kosovo, still under the ever-present watchful eyes of NATO-KFOR, even though Kosovo is still part of Serbia.

Is this the EU and NATO enforcer-by-bombing plan to seize Kosovo from Serbia in their attempt to weaken Serbia and the Christian Serbs and turn that whole region into a criminal drug-driven Islamic Caliphate?  After all, haven’t these corrupted global institutions, like the EU and the UN, been trying to exterminate the Christian Serbs for a very long time now?  And what better way than to grab Kosovo and turn it into a criminal state?

It’s time for NATO-KFOR to get out of Kosovo and it’s time that they stop aiding and abetting the criminal Muslim Albanian-seized government in Pristina.  And the fact that eighty countries, including America, have recognized this criminal Pristina government is a travesty of immense proportions that we seek to remedy by bringing attention to it.  It appears our American government and all the corrupt governments in the West are aiding and abetting this criminal government in Pristina and it needs to be taken down and replaced by a government recognized by Serbia, because Kosovo is under the sole sovereignty of Serbia to begin with.