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ISIS executes an Albanian, he refused to fight in Syria

ISIS executes an Albanian, he refused to fight in Syria

Albanian Ervin is executed by jihadists Hasanaj after refusing to fight in Syria.

The young man from Sauk went in January 2013 with his wife and two children in Syria to join the Islamic State, but after months of fighting was disappointed and wanted to leave the war.

But it is executed and his death was kept secret Beka Nexhmije woman and two of her children Fatima and Asma Hasanaj, 4 and 2 years respectively.

Hasanaj was recruited by the Islamic state to conduct hostilities in the region of Sham but the reality was disappointing to shuem.

But Islamic crimp network can not get out without risking life and so happened Hasanaj.

He is the 17th Albanian dead by 90 Albanian Islamic territory recruit who will fight for jihad.

Hasanaj death was confirmed by antiterrorist two weeks ago while it is discovered recently that death has come from the bullets of those for whom he fought until his death.



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