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Scandal: Brezovica: A square meter of land, sold 27 cents


Enis Veli • 25 November 2014 • 11:43 •

A square meter of land in Brezovicë French consortium has paid only 0:27 euros. This value is extracted from the total amount that the French “Compagnie des Alpes SA & MDP Consulting & PGI managmant & Outdoor Kosovo” will pay the Government of Kosovo to take advantage of Brezovica complex for 99 years. For use of no less than 3364 hectares of land, the French consortium will pay to the Government of Kosovo about 9.9 million.

In the notice of contract award winning consortium said that the lease on behalf of the Government of Kosovo will pay 100 thousand euros per year, or 9.9 million euros until the end of the contract for 99 years.

Based on the notice of contract award winning company in the first phase has planned to invest it no less than 164 million and 287 thousand euros. The second phase will also invested 152 million 541 thousand euros. And meanwhile, in the third phase under the contract is also planning to invest 92 million Euros 681 thousand other.

So Kosovo government almost has “forgiven” Brezovica tender consortium through single source. The contract between MTI and the winning consortium is supposed to be signed on 3 March 2015





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